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Pain To Passion: Healing Birth Trauma

Here at Global Sisterhood, we are honored to occasionally share about exceptional women that are a part of the movement. Today, we chose to feature Sarah Picken, an incredible healer and a member of our monthly membership program, HerRISING. This […]

Compassion for Those Who Hate

As a white woman from a privileged background I have rarely experienced the direct mechanisms of hate. I have never been locked out of opportunities or denied medical treatment because of my skin color; I have never feared deportation or […]

Ancestral Wisdom + Motherhood

I finally got my almost two year old down for his nap. After futzing around on social media a bit while he lay snuggled against my body, I finally extract my nipple from between his lips and my body from […]

Healing Sisterhood Shadows

  Sisterhood isn’t just “love and light” all the time. It is an opportunity to go deep and get real. Do you walk with us in our quest to explore these depths and liberate these ancient stories for ourselves, and […]

May Mystery Set You Free

There is so much mystery in our lives, yet often we run around, attempting to find solid ground and grasp at a sense of control. This is my story of how after much struggle and fear, I learned to surrender… […]

Becoming a Peace Bridge

  You might say that I crash landed into being a moderator for the Global Sisterhood.  It honestly had not occurred to me that that would ever happen.  Apparently, though, life had other plans. I have loved the Sisterhood since […]

Building a Foundation for Trust (Ritual)

  In any relationship, trust is an essential piece. Trust is the foundation we build our lives and relationships upon. Without trust, we cannot take steps forward–in our work, family life, or friendships. At our Global Sisterhood team meeting last […]

Our Hearts, Our Hands Can Heal

  You don’t have to be perfect to help other people. You just have to show up, as yourself, with an intention to do something good. Something meaningful. Something kind. And then what do you do? You listen. Between the […]

A Full Moon Release Ritual  

The moon now is full and ripe, and our theme for the next new moon is Liberation Through Forgiveness. What a beautiful time to flow into an intentional space of deep surrender and release as we forgive and let go, […]

How to Break the Cycle of Judgment

  Judgement. For years I judged myself. I lived in a type of self-division and self-rejection. This remained the case even into my years of awakening and learning about the importance of self-love. I knew that having a loving and […]