Crystals for beginners: How to use crystals for healing

Crystals are one of the most simple yet powerful healing tools that there are -- and in this blog, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to use them.

Let's get started!

First of all, listen to your intuition and let the crystals speak to you. One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are stepping into the world of crystal healing is that your intuition is your greatest resource. Study and observe how different crystals make you feel. Some people believe each crystal has a certain property that makes it feel the same for everyone (such as labradorite feeling activating or angelite causing relaxation), yet we encourage you to trust your intuition above all else. Learn through experience so that your knowledge of crystals isn’t simply in your head as you grow — it’s in your body as a felt experience that no one can take away from you.

The crystals themselves may speak to you or teach you. They are our greatest teachers on the subject of crystal healing.

Crystals hold energy, direct energy, and are programmable. This is probably the number one thing to know about crystals -- they are conduits! This energy can be positive, neutral, or negative. What we mean by 'programming' a crystal is that you can fill the crystal with an intention, and it will vibrate with that intention. It's similar to how silicon (made of quartz crystal) is programmed for computer chips, except you are creating a laser-like focus of healing intention.

Cleanse and charge your crystals on the earth, in the water, in the sun, in the moonlight, or with smoke. This is basic energetic hygiene for your stones and crystals, and it is especially important after you purchase them from a store. Cleansing them clears out any stagnant energy that does not serve you or the crystal, and resets the stone to its purest state. The fastest way to cleanse them is with water or smoke, by simply passing them through these elements with intention. If you have time, you can leave them out on the earth or in the light of the moon or sun for several hours, or overnight. Just be aware that some crystals lose their color when exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

Cleanse and charge your crystals when you first receive them, and both before and after using them for healing purposes.

Create an altar. An altar is a designated space where you intuitively allow your crystals to guide you towards where to put them, how to angle them, and how to decorate your altar. It is helpful to set an intention for your altar, such as having an altar next to your bed to help you receive healing dreams, or an altar to help you manifest a certain intention such as financial abundance or a sacred relationship. Then, allow yourself to place the crystals in a way that feels good in your body. This creates an anchoring of frequencies that hold your intentions for you. Your altar can be a place that you go to meditate, to pray, or simply to be reminded of the intentions or goals you are cultivating in your life.

Crystal gridding is the practice of positioning crystals in a geometric configuration with a specific intention. Gridding crystals creates a unique synergy between different stones, sacred geometry, and your intention. Some altars have crystal grids incorporated, and some people choose to crystal grid their home or their property. You can place crystals around your home to grid your space with an intention, such as protection, love, or peace. Crystal grids are different from using individual stones because they amplify an intention much more than a stone or two can on their own. When creating a crystal grid, you can lay stones on a certain shape (such as the flower of life), or create your own configuration intuitively. Then, use your finger or a quartz crystal to draw interlocking lines over each crystal in the grid so that they are all connected and activated.

Usually, an altar or a crystal grid holds a specific energy that you intend to create, which can be as simple as the word “harmony” or as intricate as “a space for ancient wisdom to manifest so that I can remember who I am and why I came here.

Use stones individually. There are many ways you can work with stones just by keeping them with you throughout the day. You may choose a stone from a store or from your own collection by first feeling an intention, and then intuitively sensing which stone can help you with this intention. On the other hand, a certain stone may speak to you, and you may not know exactly why you feel called to carry it with you or use it in a certain way. Trust the messages you receive! Some simple ways you can use individual stones are laying them on your body; carrying them with you in a pocket or purse; sitting with them as you work, read, or journal; wearing them in your jewelry; or setting one in a specific spot in your home as a reminder of an intention. Another beautiful way to easily incorporate crystals is to place one under your pillow with an intention such as dreaming dreams that bring you guidance or wisdom -- or simply with the intention to sleep well.

Sing or speak your intentions to your crystals. A beautiful part of building a relationship with crystals, programming them, and utilizing them for healing is the act of sharing your intentions with your crystals. You can do this simply through closing your eyes and feeling your intention, or you can sing or speak your intention to them. This can be done in a daily routine, or as you intuitively feel called. Experiment with what makes you feel the crystal at its fullest power, aligned with your intentions!

Because crystals are programmable, they respond most powerfully to vibrations. These vibrations are most clearly articulated when they come through your voice in the form of words or song.

Charge your water with crystals and create crystal essences.
This is one of the most alchemical uses of crystals and stones because water has been studied by Dr. Emoto to also be programmable, just like crystals! In fact, water crystals can be photographed both before and after being blessed with a spoken intention and they form beautiful geometric snowflakes. You can place a crystal into your drinking water to infuse the water with extra intention, or place a few crystals in the bath with you when you soak. You can also choose to make a crystal essence, where you place a crystal in a glass bowl in the sun for several hours and use several drops of that super-charged water with vegetable glycerin to take as a tincture daily. We urge you to experiment with the magical combination of crystals and water, and see if you notice a difference in how it feels when you drink it or bathe in it! Note: Be sure when using crystals in your drinking water that you research their safety first. Quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz are all perfectly safe, but stones such as malachite, azurite, or galena can leech lead.

Lay crystals on or around the body for healing yourself and others. When stepping into crystal healing, it is very helpful to study the chakras. Laying stones on the chakras of the body -- especially when they are in a similar energy or color as the chakra itself -- can be a profound healing experience. This practice can align our energy centers and leave us feeling rejuvenated. You can use your intuition to lay stones on you, including any part of your body that you feel called to, as well as the palms of the hands and around your body. Another technique is to rub or roll a crystal on different parts of the body and ask that the stone absorb any stagnant or negative energy. You can also sigh, release sounds through toning, or speak affirmations while using these techniques. You can practice using these methods on yourself or practice on a friend. Additionally, similar techniques can also be applied to the earth, a body of water, plants, or animals.

Always ask permission and feel a "yes" in your body before practicing crystal healing on any being, human or otherwise.

Lastly, Here are some ways that crystals of different shapes can be used:

  1. Polished crystals and tumbled stones radiate energy in many directions at once, and are ideal for carrying on you, laying on your body, or using in a grid.

  2. Crystals with one point, also known as single-terminated crystals, are typically used to direct energy in a certain direction. They can be used as wands when creating crystal grids or performing crystal healing on yourself or another. Additionally, if they stand well on their own with a flat base, these crystals are perfect for amplifying energy in the center of a crystal grid.

  3. Crystals with two points at opposite ends, known as double-terminated crystals, are used to both absorb and direct energy from both sides at the same time. They are ideal to use when balancing chakras, connecting two powerful stones in a crystal grid, or moving energy in a crystal healing session.

  4. Raw crystals + minerals are straight from the earth in their most raw form, and therefore are the physical manifestation that brings the most 'raw' and natural energy. They are wonderful for helping one to ground, connect to the earth, feel into emotions that are more difficult to surrender to, and initiate breakthroughs. Raw crystals usually have a mind of their own, and will most likely guide you to how they want to be used.

  5. Pyramid-shaped crystals anchor energy, as well as direct it. They are powerful to place around the home and also make a powerful central point for a crystal grid.

  6. Crystal spheres radiate energy out equally in all directions at once. They are deeply connected to the earth, the moon, and the planets, and work very well when rolled on the body or when passed around the aura in a crystal healing. The center of a crystal grid is also an ideal place for crystal spheres.

There you have it!

We at Global Sisterhood would love to hear if you have any questions about crystal healing, and we would be more than happy to answer. As a part of every Sister Circle, crystals and stones are in some way included -- usually on the altar in the center of the circle. We are grateful for the crystal and mineral kingdom for helping to support, ground, and catalyze the rise of the feminine within all. These wise crystals have helped many women through times of potent transformation!

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