Our Mission

We are a movement of soulful women gathering in Sister Circles every new moon. We are breaking molds of competition and replacing them with sisterhood and connectedness.

Supporting the rise of feminine power

Women everywhere are awakening to a desire to heal, dig deep, relcaim their power, and live life with purpose and integrity. We help women discover their own personal path to freedom; to heal the wounds of the past and shine their light. We do so by encouraging authenticity before perfection, self-accountability before blame, empathy before judgment.
We stand for gender harmony and celebrate diversity. We are soft and we are fierce. We are healers and we are leaders. We are compassionate, and not afraid to look within the shadows. We are lovers, we are mothers, we are daughters, we are sisters. We are women that know the time for collective healing is NOW.

Supporting Feminine Power

We are ALL about transformation.

We believe when a woman speaks her truth, knows her worth, and lives in her joy, she impacts the world. Sister Circles are our method to support women as they cultivate true inner freedom and live the lives they deserve.

Stay connected.

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