Your Intuition Will Heal The World


Have you been allowing your truth to be spoken, and your heart’s innermost desires to be expressed?

It is our intention for this blog today to speak deeply to the parts of you that are doubtful, and bring them into trust and alignment. We share to encourage you to not only use your beautiful voice, but also to take action on your dreams with your intuition as the compass. 

Come on this journey with us, sisters.

We are all strong in different ways… and we are beginning to learn that what we call a “weakness” is usually an opportunity for us to deepen into our greatest gifts.

We are here to face ourselves boldly and LOVE ourselves even in the places that feel the most unlovable.

When we embrace our shadows and heal them,

we step into our superpowers.

What we most fear may just become gold because we are the heroines of our own stories.

One of the most courageous acts of leadership is to transform our wounds into our wisdom.

We hold the vision for every woman to rise, like the phoenix she is.

Photo by Eloise Ambursley

Sister, leadership may not always look like leading a movement.

Sometimes, leadership looks like offering words of wisdom to a little girl who feels small and insignificant.

Sometimes, leadership is being patient and compassionate in a place where someone would normally choose to blame.

And sometimes, leadership is knowing when to stand up and use your voice to demand change.

There are as many ways to lead as there are women on the planet… and our feminine leadership is needed now, more than ever.

We are here with the passions in our hearts because now is the TIME. However, we must use wisdom and discernment as we step into leadership… while also allowing space for ourselves to grow.

It is not the time for us to lead only using old masculine strategies and structures. It is time for us to pave a new pathway of leadership, integrating the ancient wisdom of the feminine into the needs of the present moment. 

This doesn’t mean leaving the masculine ways behind. It means integrating them and choosing which aspects of these systems serve us, and which are ready to be released as the feminine comes in to bring greater balance.

Photo by Александр Раскольников

As women aligned with the feminine, we often lead through guiding.

We sense the spaces that could use more compassion, nurturance, and loving attention… and we lean into them.

Our intuition and our femininity enhance our ability to lead from the heart, taking everyone’s needs into account, whether we know it or not. We FEEL.

This is part of what allows us to not only lead successfully, but also to lead with both the fires and waters of our inner wisdom, in the energy of healing and transformation.

One of our innate gifts as women is that we are able to listen deeply.

We don’t only listen with our ears–

We listen with our entire bodies as instruments of intuition.

We are attuned to our own sense of inner-knowing.

Our heart is a compass, and we are open to its guidance.

Our dreams aren’t merely visions. They can be full-bodied remembrance.

Our awareness can be piercingly accurate if we choose to follow our inner voice.

Our sisterhood and relationships have the potential to not only be deep and powerful, but soul initiations.

We surrender together, we cry together, and we build a new world together through our empowerment, embodiment, and willingness to look within.

This is just a taste of the power we hold…

The love that is possible…

The immense magnitude of the journey of the soul, as Woman.

When we combine our fierce hearts with the softness of our intuition,

When we combine our ability to listen with our ability to raise our voices,

When we combine the power of sisterhood with the power of our visions,

It all comes to life.

This is what we wish for you, sister.

We are here for you on the journey of carrying the voice of your heart into the voice you speak to the world with… and that allows you to receive support to translate your deepest dreams and visions into a reality.

We have all the solutions within us.

Your leadership is asking to be aligned with your feminine heart, and expressed through love.

Please let us know in the comments what your next action step is to allow your internal intuition to be expressed in the outer world. We look forward to hearing from you, sister! 

Let us rise together.

With all our love,

The Global Sisterhood Team

Written by Torie Michelle Feldman


  1. Leader

    Beautifully written.

    All my dreams will come true. I affirm, as Leader, to pass on what I have learned in self-healing and empowerment. Group meditation will bring about thought into action, demonstrations, tangible results. That is my intention. …I’m thinking big time. Huge… Encourage me…

    • Laurie Snyder

      Hello sister, yes, we encourage you with all our hearts. Yes, the prayers and group intentions and meditations are POWERFUL. They are affecting the whole, yes they are! You’re doing big work. Know that you have an entire sisterhood walking beside you. You are not alone, love.

  2. Barborka

    Very nice

  3. nermeendridi

    Exactly what I needed to hear♡ thank you so much for writing this beautifully marvellous empowering words♡

  4. nermeendridi


  5. Joanne Scheurwater

    I am trying to access the support materials for the Speak the Change You Want to See new moon. I have facilitated 3-4 circles a year with the materials you provided, but found I had to re-register just now, and cannot access the “My Stuff” page. can you help, I have a sister Circle planned for tomorrow night?

    • Laurie Snyder

      Hi Joanne, I apologize for just now seeing your post here! If you ever have an issue with the website, please email us: [email protected] for quick response. Were you able to access the My Stuff page, love? We trust that your circle went beautifully.


    Hello to everybody. I’t s nice to hear from you. I wish I can offer more love and compassion to the other. I signed up yesterday but I haven’t received yet the support matterials.

    • Laurie Snyder

      Hi Kelly, thank you for the love and compassion that you’re offering. We feel it, and it does make a difference in raising the vibration of our world. Thank you, sister.

  7. dutchlight

    Beautiful encouraging text, thank you for writing and sharing these words Torie! At 62 I can say I have led a life following my heart. It brought me lots of travel and adventures, but most of all great trust in me and the incredible supportive universe. Our society, so based on fear and stress, very often discourages me. So it is really wonderful to meet up with this sisterhood to feel that we are all together in this. My intention is to combine my love for nature, creativity and spirituality in a new way. Therefore I love your text as a little extra source of power. My most powerful meditation is living a simple life of gratitude. “We have all the solutions in us” what wisdom! Namaste sister!

    • Laurie Snyder

      Yes yes yes, sister! We are on this path of discovery, of charting new pathways within the unknown, of feeling into our hearts to know our own truth (no matter what society tells us). And you are not alone! We are so grateful for the mirror that you are, and for recognizing us in yourself. Your heart is courageous, radiant, and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being here. Namaste, sister love.

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