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So much shaking is happening in our world, yet it seems safe to say that despite all the seeming darkness, most of us truly desire to be good women: kind, generous, compassionate, strong, loving, and wise.

In fact, even if our choices don’t turn out to give us favorable results, we likely made them out of a deep desire to love and be loved. So if to love and be loved is the core of our desires, why is it that we are often frustrated, sad, stressed, angry, envious, or upset by the people and situations in our lives?

Why is it that we get caught up in the same stories, scenarios, and dramas – only with different players and storylines?

This core desire is present within all of us, but without even realizing it, we can fall out of integrity with our desire to love and create problems for ourselves and others, further adding to the suffering in our world.

Living in this world with all its imperfections, wounding, and shaking creates patterns of fear within us. These fears–when activated by…well, any little trigger–create physiological sensations in the body.  It may be a knot in the throat, a rock in the belly, or a clenching of the jaw. And when we hook our energy into these triggers, we can act out of fear, not love. This is when we can feel enraged or judgmental and shut our hearts to those close to us because we feel vulnerable and afraid.

We are presented with a choice.

We either continue down the road of letting our patterns created by fear dictate our responses and ultimately our reality, or we–despite the temptation to act out of the intensity of our physical or emotional triggers–choose to create new patterns rooted in deep breaths, love, kindness, trust, patience, and true compassion for ourselves and others. We can remember to call upon our divine connection to guide and support us in our transformation.

People and systems all over the world are being shaken to awaken. We can either choose to fear the state of the world, or we can choose to trust that we are in a time of deep healing.

The first step to awakening requires a deep commitment to integrity. Integrity means being willing to look at ourselves, take accountability, and make the necessary changes to align our thoughts, choices and actions with our core desire to embody love.


We invite all sisters around the world to choose to be integrity with our truest desire to be love.

In order to do so, we must first acknowledge our biological propensity to act out of judgment and fear, and use our willpower to create new patterns.

We invite you to examine what fears you may be harboring that breed judgment, jealousy, or outrage in you.  Notice where you feel this in your body…and breathe love into these spaces. Take accountability for your emotions, thoughts, and actions, and rise with integrity to the occasion.

Our world needs your love, now more than ever.

Big love,

The Global Sisterhood team


  1. jonnydiane

    This is jonny diane in the Wichita, Kansas area!!! I just got the Wichita group open. Had made several other contact when Facebook decided that my “titles” of RN Officiant were not allowed. So I’ve been locked out of both my Facebook personal et my business page … so be aware there are those that are not wanting this global connection I do fear!!! Keep fighting sisters it’s 2018 who the hell do they think we are!!! We are NOT nor ever have been the weaker sex … I’m now on a mission to fight ALL that stand in my/our ways … let’s move this Universe like never before!!!

  2. MidoriMori

    I read it
    I cry
    I hope
    I want to believe
    I`m longing for the feeling of connection
    A whiff of it is passing me
    Like the fragrance of a flower while walking through concrete places

    While the the little fragile peace in- and outside of me
    created with the few drops of energy and postivity left in me
    still shatter
    again and again.

    I am still thankful for women like you – encouraging to go on.

    One day I will bloom again.
    And you will have been a part of the soil.
    Thank you.

    1. Global Sisterhood Admin Post author

      OH sister. Wow, what an honor to be here in this space with you. Your poetry moves me deeply. I trust that the seed of peace and faith in the process that you express here will bloom again in the perfect time. For now it’s underground, and that is perfect. We are nurturing new live together all the time. Here’s to embracing all the stages, all the phases. Seeing the beauty and trusting the bigger picture. xoxo Kat


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