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You may feel a huge shift happening in your life and/or in the world right now.

As you may very well know…

This shift originates inside our very own minds.

With the full moon round in the sky once more, we are being beckoned to get real and self-accountable so we can actually implement our dreams into our reality.

So with that being said,

Every shift you desire in your life begins within you.

As we begin to release our grasp on how we think things should be, we can consciously shape what we want them to be by embodying the core of who we truly are.

This shift is both subtle and HUGE and is creating seismic waves in our own lives, and in the current world systems.

It’s really quite simple to change the world….

As we individually transform and evolve, the world transforms around us.

The more of us who are courageous enough to live in full integrity with our hearts – the bigger the collective transformation!

So of course, as women who are SERIOUS about living in our truth, we can feel overwhelmed and stretched to capacity!

It’s a lot of responsibility.

And yet…you ARE up to this epic task of creating your world to be 100% in alignment with your values.

It’s a fun challenge – one in which you are destined to succeed in if you are willing to do the work!

On the new moon a couple weeks ago, we planted our seeds of living with a “Courageous Heart.” We invite you, once again, to take a moment to ask yourself this question: “What is my heart leading me to speak, draw, create, sing, or act upon?”

Sister, now is the time to take the next steps in your life.

You have everything you need to be able to do this. Your past experiences have given you the tools, resources, connections and value systems you need to do your “work” in the world.

And you have an entire sisterhood cheering you on as you emerge from your unique chrysalis and spread your iridescent wings.

It’s time to let go of worrying about what sharing our passion looks like to others and focus our gaze on how it feels inside our bodies when we share authentically from our wildly passionate hearts.

We lovingly challenge you to make this your focus for the next two weeks, as we begin to weave out of this theme and into our next cycle with the return of the Dark Moon.

Will you join us?

With the new moon in Taurus arriving in a couple of weeks, we will begin to turn our attention to the energetic imprints we are making every day through our words, thoughts, and actions. We will study how what we say, think and feel affects these sacred vessels we call our bodies.

You may not think of your body as a vessel or a temple per se. You may think of it as a lighthouse or a beacon, a spaceship, the earth, a tree, or just flesh and bone!

However you choose to think of your body, may you honor it, care for it, BE KIND TO IT. It’s time to be vigilant examining your thoughts. If you judge your body, even in thought.. you are impacting your health and happiness.

Let’s prepare to do this important work together on this coming new moon by gathering in circles and discussing this deeply important topic. As women, we have experienced the trauma of our bodies being objectified and harmed, AND we can heal this. All it takes is a shift in our own minds.


We are here to heal our relationships to our bodies.

We are here to unite together in sisterhood, engaging in authentic conversation that helps us deepen into joyous self-love and genuine empowerment.

We are here to remember that our bodies truly are sacred and completely deserving of love, exactly as they are!


Repeat after me,

“My body is healthy, beautiful, perfect, wise, lovable, powerful, and full of light!”

You are beautiful.
We see you.

With love,
Kat, Lauren & the Global Sisterhood team


  1. Christiana

    Thank you! I really needed to read that! A BIG Hello to y’all too!
    Sending Love, I see you & have Empathy with your Missions message.
    Thank you for having me!


  2. yasminafly

    Wow…. what a synchronicity – this is exactly what I have been working on for the last couple of weeks and what I am gonna express as my artist statement in the art upcoming exhibition I will be part of.

  3. MaryAlice

    I am determined to find woman in my area that are open to this……..SO FAR I have not….need to cast my net out further, THERE MUST be like minded women here?!!? I will take on this challenge if only in myself and continue to attempt to gather for a circle on New Moon! Namaste!

    1. Global Sisterhood Admin Post author

      Hey there, Mary Alice! Yes, the women will come eventually. It took me a while to hold the flame and intention of these circles for them to manifest. Now they are FULL FORCE. Creating a space for yourself to heal, transform, and reflect on the past moon cycle is so important. The other women will resonate with that once you’re feeling it. Trust in the power of this challenge. We’re here for you to support you however we can. <3


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