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Have you ever felt so ashamed you wanted to hide?
Have you ever noticed yourself being inauthentic in order to be accepted or liked?
Have you ever shied away from sharing your talent, voice, or vision?
Do you yearn to be seen but feel scared to show ALL of you?

“Often we remain isolated even while relating on various levels. This happens because we have pages in the book of our lives that we don’t want to reveal to anyone, not even to ourselves. In this case, fear in the form of shame, becomes a barrier that prevents us from growing deeper in any relationship.”

Sri Prem Baba

Whether you are desiring greater love and connection in your life or seeking to blossom into the next phase of your career, being authentic is key.

When you’re in a place of anxiety about the future or how someone will react to you, it’s easy to want to manipulate how you present yourself or alter what you would naturally do, to control the outcome.
Being inauthentic–even slightly–to get a certain result, does not lead to joy, self-love, nourishing relationships, or success.

Today we are inviting every sister to trust in her inherent worthiness.
Authenticity is magnetic.
Being vulnerable, present, and real allows you to flow harmoniously with life, and you attract all that you truly yearn for.
You are perfect just as you are.
Every expression, failure, fear, wish, hope, success, and desire you have is sacred.
Embody all of you and watch your life flower and bloom.

If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive. ~ Brené Brown

When we accept and are comfortable with all parts of ourselves–even the parts that we have tried to hide from the world–we restore ourselves to wholeness and invite in more radiance, love, and power to create the life and relationships we yearn for. When we suppress parts of ourselves–habits, beliefs, events of the past, successes, gifts, desires, talents–we spend a whole lot of energy “suppressing” rather than using that energy to shine!

(To be done with 2 or more people)

Intention: To heal the shame around hiding parts of yourself, by sharing in a safe space, with love and acceptance. To have the opportunity to share a really awesome part of yourself that you might have been too shy to share because either you feel it’s not humble to share, or you have doubt about it.

1.     Begin by setting the sacred intention to be in full acceptance and love of yourself and the other people participating, creating a judgment free space and a safe environment for sharing and healing to unfold.
2.     Each person will have the opportunity to fill in the blank and share out loud so they can be witnessed. Each woman will say the statement before the group moves onto to the next statement.
3.     For the first round of sharing, each woman will share something they feel some shame around.
a.      I hide ___________________    (ex: “I hide that I sometimes think I am not good enough, and I get jealous of others.”)
b.     The woman/women listening will respond, “Thank you, I see you, I love you, you are beautiful.”
4.      For the second sharing, each woman will share something really awesome about themselves that they may have been too shy to share about before.
a.      I hide ___________________  (ex: “I hide that I am really smart, and I am an amazing dancer.” )
b.     The woman/women listening will respond, “Thank you, I see you, I love you, you are beautiful.”
5.     You can repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as you want either going around in a circle or going back and forth between two people until you feel healing has occurred, and there is a feeling of deep connection and peace.
6.     Close the exercises with each woman looking into the eyes of another woman, acknowledging her, accepting her, and loving her.

With radical love,

Lauren, Kat and the Global Sisterhood team


  1. Haydie Osborne-Hitchens

    I love you ladies. Even reading this for tonights circle I felt emotional and tears coming at the potency of what your offering as a tool for us to deepen, be seen and accepted. Thank you for all your rich vision and the journey your sharing and evoking xx Haydie

    1. Global Sisterhood Admin Post author

      Oh Haydie, thank YOU, for feeling so deeply, and sharing your expressions of love with us. We are overflowing with gratitude for you and all our brave sisters. We are changing this world. Yes we are!!


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