May Mystery Set You Free

There is so much mystery in our lives, yet often we run around, attempting to find solid ground and grasp at a sense of control.

This is my story of how after much struggle and fear, I learned to surrender… and trust.

Through my words, I hope to remind you that the mystery doesn’t need to invoke fear. Instead, it can invoke a sense of wonder, awe, humility, and the deepest sense of freedom in the act of surrendering.

May mystery set you free.

There have been times in my life when I thought I knew exactly who I was. I felt on fire with purpose. I felt unstoppable, and like big things were destined for me. I felt a way that many of us want to feel… and I loved it so much that I actually got attached to it.

So when a giant tidal wave came to wipe me clean and reflect to me where I was being asked to let go, I naturally resisted.

“No! THIS IS WHO I AM! This is what I want to do with my life! I’m going to FIGHT for it!”

These were some of the words running through my head.
And yes, sometimes, we are absolutely meant to fight for what we believe in.
However, it is our responsibility to ask ourselves if it is authentic to fight for what has been, or if it is a time to RELEASE and make way for the new… and the mysterious.

Photo by Leo Rivas

Some people describe it as finally letting go of the rock in the wild river you’ve been holding onto… and learning to surrender to its flow, realizing it will carry you to where you are meant to be.
Trusting your head will stay above water, and your body knows what it is doing.
Relaxing into the current of where life wants to take you, rather than imposing a belief on where you “should” be.

Through all I’ve been through, I’ve come to learn to check in with my heart and my intuition.
My mind and my ego will almost always want what is comfortable…
When in reality, what is comfortable isn’t always what is going to serve us, and the world, in the best way.

So, I had to learn to surrender to the mystery.
Yet again, after resisting, here I was– fully submerged in the act of releasing, surrendering, and letting go.
And still sometimes doubting it.

Some people say that commitment is the act of recommitting.
If that’s the case, you can be committed to trusting, and consistently find the need to remind yourself to align back to trust again.
It’s okay to waver in your trust.
We all do it. It’s fantastically human.

Photo by William Farlow

Something I learned this last time through this process of death and rebirth is that it requires a healthy balance.

Most of the time, even though it feels like we need to let go of absolutely EVERYTHING, oftentimes, we don’t. We must balance the surrender with boundaries that are flexible in some ways, and firm in others.

It’s not about thinking our way through it.
It’s about FEELING.
It’s about revealing.
It’s about reflecting, every step of the way, and making the best decisions we can with our full attention…
and with devotion to the process of transformation.

It takes strong intentions and a deep sense of faith (far beyond the mind) that ultimately, we are being guided to a place that is greater than what we could have imagined for ourselves.

I admit… it’s not always easy.
When my trust wavered and I found myself in a period of doubting, I allowed myself to grieve and mourn the pieces of myself and my life I was letting go of.
This is healthy…
In balance.

Photo by Eric Nopanen

Surrendering is an art.
Remember, as a powerful yet deeply sensitive woman, not to let your feelings cycle and circle, keeping you trapped.
Instead, let them move THROUGH you.
Surrender to the emotion and when you have felt it, let it be.

You can observe the patterns of your inner world without judgment, and continue to LOVE yourself as much as possible.
When we learn to release the story behind the emotion and see that the emotion isn’t the “problem,” we shift into a perspective of the student, learning from our deep well of emotional feminine wisdom.

Let go of the story.

Let go of the desire to grasp onto who you were,
so that you can truly make space for who you are…
and in that process, don’t spiral into doubt so deeply that you forget what is central and true for you, no matter what.

Find your anchor. Set intentions.

What is true for you?
Who has always been there for you?
What has always made you feel happy?

Keep these close to your heart on the journey.


Most of all, sister, remember that you are not alone.
You are never alone.
Many have gone through these rebirthing processes before you, and many will after you as well.

Each one of us has our own journey.
Honor yours.
This is the making of your very own story of empowerment.
After the mystery, comes the renewal.
It’s even possible for mystery to exist within the renewal.
Make friends with the mystery.
Shake its hand.
Cuddle up close.
Listen to its medicine.

Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo

When you are ready,
you will emerge more beautiful and more authentic than ever before.

I fully believe in you in your process, sister.
This is sacred.
It’s a story older than time, and you are an initiate on the path that continues to teach us and uplift us into the truth of who we really are.

The mystery in me honors the mystery in you.
With all my heart,
Your sister,
Torie Michelle Feldman & the GS team


  1. CityCircleNS

    It’s a mystery how so very many women still suffer in silence when there are sisters all over the globe waiting and wanting and wishing to be part of a Circle of Sisters.
    If each of us helps to spread awareness, to reach out, to touch and help just one sister, we will have done a service to all of our sisters in all of our circles, everywhere. We must remember, always, our sisters who have yet to find their voices. I hope my (upcoming) circle is a strong link in this chain of circles holding together sisters all over the world.

    • Global Sisterhood

      I know. Many women have no idea of the amount of resources and untapped power that is available (and often waiting in the wings) for them in this kind of community. Women everywhere are waking up—each in her own time. Thank you for being a powerful awakening force in this world for this remembrance, sister.

  2. EwaDa

    Great support. We are together, living our life and understanding it deeply. Anything in our life is meaningful. We can celebrate our life and all women who want to be a part of the community and be there.

    • Global Sisterhood

      Absolutely @ewada. We are definitely on this path together. We celebrate all women and we hope more and more women will join us in this diverse community. Thank you for being here.


    This text is very helpfull for me. Thank you very much. I feel blessed for the circle.

  4. ayati

    Plz include me in yur circle my sister and thank u for the healings sent from u and all the sisters globally

  5. Weissk

    Dearest sister. You are a warrior. I honor your courage to speak your truth.
    It took me one week to completely read your story. You touched my heart. I hope that I will one day find the courage to speak my truth.
    I am living my truth now, but I have only begun to honor myself.
    I believe my time will come too.
    With deepest sincerity

    • Global Sisterhood

      Oh dear Karin, we see you, and trust that yes, you will definitely have your time to speak your truth. All in divine timing. You are a warrior as well. Anything you can see in me, you have inside of you too! Much love surrounding you.

  6. kuhla

    Here in Uganda easy Africa am going through a traumatic personal experience. Reading this has uplifted me and propelled me to stop the wallowing .

    I intend to be proactive not inactive
    Thank you so much for this
    Be blessed

    • Global Sisterhood

      Wow @kuhla. We are touched deeply in our hearts to hear how this post has impacted you. We cheer you on and trust in your capacity and strength to navigate any situations that life brings your way. And you have a sisterhood behind and beside you! With love, Kat (and the Global Sisterhood team)

  7. wmothibi Mothibi

    Women this is an eye opener, let us join hands and defeat the enemy of fear, its our time and season.

  8. Terry Simmons

    Thank you dear sisters! I was undergoing a moment of tremendous change internally with emotions that welled up that felt like a volcano (Pele Divine passion energies) and my intuition and my team of love brought me here to be among this love of courage with all of you angels, including Hope, Faith, Charity, and Trust! Thank you for enveloping us all in this Circle of Love. Eternal gratitude in blessings as we all ride this tsunami of love. ^_^

    • Global Sisterhood

      Hi Terry, this support you speak of is real! We are grateful that you were guided here. Know that you are amongst sisters, kindred spirits who are walking and dancing this path of sacred awakening and inner transformation! Let the Pele Divine passion energies rise up and heal humanity and the earth. Loving and supporting you, sister love.

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