Leading with the Full Moon - The Global Sisterhood
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The moon is our great ally.

Learning how to work with her cycles and energy increases our personal power and intuition so we can navigate our lives with ease and clarity. There is so much wisdom to be discovered if we consciously choose to connect with her.

“Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam of whatever is coming full-circle in our life, highlighting culminations, realizations,  and manifestations in the world of 5-senses” ~Gostica

Our subconscious mind is a deep ocean of emotional stories that dictates the way we perceive life and the way we create and attract circumstances to our lives. We are the creators of our reality, and it is said that the subconscious often holds more influence over what we create than the waking, conscious mind.

The full moon invites you to examine what emotional beliefs you hold just below your awareness that could be blocking flow, pleasure, and joy in your life. How are these beliefs limiting you from standing in the truest, most radiant, magnetic expression of yourself as a lover, leader, helper,  humanitarian, and empowered woman?

Pay attention to your emotions to discover what beliefs are guiding your life. What stories are asking to be seen and understood so they can be re-written?

Pay attention to your dreams.
Notice subtle feelings in your body.
What shuts you down?
What awakens and inspires you?
What fears come up throughout your day? Do you notice a pattern? What is the belief beneath these fears?

Throughout the next weeks leading up to the new moon, we invite you to journal about these themes.  If you are seeking clarity or reflection from your sisters, feel free to post your discoveries in the Global Sisterhood Facebook Group!

As sisters, together we will rise as leaders, liberating ourselves from fear, as we embrace our shadows and shine brightly in service to our souls, families, communities, and world.

The new paradigm in feminine leadership has far more depth than simply knowing how to be seen, heard, and followed. The leadership our world is craving is sensitive, intuitive, loving, vulnerable, and healing. Regardless of whether you identify as outgoing or shy, leadership is about presence. We influence the world with our presence. When our hearts and minds are filled with love, we hold power, wisdom, and influence.  There is much pain in our world, and often we experience harsh judgments of ourselves–from within and others–while fearing the realities of our world.

As rising women, we are asked to step into leadership through our personal transformation, learning to heal the judgment, mitigate the fear, and be a light in the night through compassion, wisdom, acceptance and love.

All that is in pain simply needs love.
All that is terrible simply needs love.
Let us be leaders in love.

In sisterhood,
Lauren, Kat and the Global Sisterhood team



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