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I am an empathetic badass.

Yup, I am a deeply emotional creature.

The power of the feminine needs to be honored so she can rise in our world.

And this declaration, right here, is an important step in honoring one of my greatest feminine gifts…. my emotions.

But, for years I had no idea how to wield my super power.

I was sensitive to the point of experiencing the emotions of the world around me without being able to distinguish who I really am, what I really feel or “what’s mine” so to speak.

I was labeled a drama queen by those around me.. and to their defense, I definitely was… and well, perhaps I still am. That label, along with many other labels, caused me to feel ashamed of myself for what I have come to realize is a very important and powerful gift of mine…and I self-destructed because of it.

Today, however… I stand tall and bright as I renounce all shame.


Make no mistake… I am fiercely loving, profoundly sensitive, and a force to be reckoned with!

I feel the world deeply.. and it is beautiful.

Yes, I can make people uncomfortable because I can access deep waters within me that are also within the collective consciousness.

I feel your rage, fear, sadness, isolation…

There is no hiding from me. I feel it all.

And because of that… I can feel deep hope, joy, bliss, and truth!

I can see your light, your gifts, and your potential!

I know without a doubt that we need both light and dark to know ourselves, to know the divine, to know our true power, and to know true peace.

Without the dark… the light is empty. It is our friend.

So, here is my request.

To my sisters:

Please don’t hide your tears. Never apologize for crying, for feeling our world, or for having such compassion for someone that you feel a literal pain in your heart. Teach your daughters compassion for those who hurt them, yet teach them to take no shit. Remember you don’t have to play nice…Anger is a powerful energy. Wield it without blame and you’ll make mountains move. All sides of you are sacred.

To my brothers:

Your vulnerability is powerful. Stand in it. Open your heart to the world and let us see what’s inside of you.. your deepest most intimate parts of you. Share who you really are with the world. Share your fear and uncertainty, your softness and empathy. You have the power to heal the deep conditioning instilled upon men that “boys don’t cry”. The world needs your emotions to infuse your work in the world…we have logic and reason in spades… Share your raw heart and help us create a new world. a safe to feel type of world. A world where the feminine is honored.

With hope I thank you.

-Lauren Elizabeth Walsh


  1. Rachel Hope

    Being empathetic, emotional, kind and compassionate is a gift but also a challenge for often the empathetic person puts the needs of others before the love of one’s self. Being empathetic to me as a 54 year old woman has meant 16 years of allowing an abusive relationship which almost completely destroyed me and my children. I say allowed because at any time I could have left….or should have left.

    As Empathetic women, we need to honor our inner voices, trust our instinct and follow our passions. So many people in this world especially the manipulative narcissist deliberately prey upon empathetic women. We are forgiving and easily put the needs of others first. This could be an opinion, advice on how to raise the children, criticism, put downs or any negative energy.

    It is vital to one’s peace and well being as an empath to notice the people who bring our positive energy down. I call them energy vampires or drama queens. Honor that feeling. I know for myself, I get this awful feeling in my stomach which for the rest of my life I refuse to suppress.

    Sending much love to all my sisters….together we are strong.

    Rora Warrior 720

    1. Global Sisterhood Admin Post author

      You are a warrioress, sister! Yes to honoring the feeling in your body and no longer suppressing the inner wisdom that lets you know when something is right for you or not. Thank you for sharing your story and encouragement here. We’re standing right here beside you!

  2. Marlene Zurgilgen

    I just had a friendship ended with a man who is in a religious order and it was fascinating to see how he tried to convince me that emotions and feelings are wrong. They are not the truth, he often said.
    But I always knew that my emotions and being able to feel this deeply is a gift. It is nothing to be afraid of; it makes us alive. We are strong because of it, but we often scare people. I learned that showing your emotions is for people who deny to have them, impossible to deal with. The only way for them is to tell us that emotions are not real, not the whole truth and most of all can’t be trusted. Yet we know the truth and we have to trust this inner wisdom of us…like you said it is on the greatest feminine gifts we have.
    And I love your title…because let’s face it, the depth of our emotions, the ability to go deep and even into the collective consciousness makes us badass!


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