How to Break the Mold


Once again, we have arrived at the full moon.  Oh, how the spiral spins…

We here at Global Sisterhood have been feeling this kind of energetic squeeze that comes after a big expansion. You know the kind…when you give birth to something or take flight with a project, and then you return to the everyday life to do the (often tedious) work of sustaining it?!  It’s interesting how a dream once realized can feel like a cage if we are not continuously evolving the way we relate to life, work, family life, and routine.

It feels like we are collectively in that time, when we have the opportunity to do the work of re-evaluating the way that we live life on a daily basis–the nuts and bolts, ins and outs of our day to day existence. Are the routines and systems we’re using working in favor of our spiritual growth or against it?

Do they honor our feminine rhythms and intuition?

Many of our current societal systems were designed in the name of productivity–not creativity.

This is why they aren’t sustainable and sometimes feel like they’re squeezing the juice out of life, without replenishing it. We, women, are being asked to rebirth new systems, new models for being, working, and loving. Essentially, we are being asked to birth and a new world; one that honors our cyclical nature and works with those cycles–not against them.

Dream, create, celebrate, rest, reflect, learn, grow.

image by @ododua.aum. words by @madisato

What would it feel like to live, work and exist in a world that actually encourages you to honor the natural ebbs and flows of your creative fire?

This world is what we are co-creating within this sisterhood.

It will take each and every one of us stepping into our unique place of leadership–in our homes, our families, our communities, and workspaces.

It will also require that we respect and value our visions and dreams.

“Surrender to and trust that the visions coming through are powerful and perfect. There’s almost a creative innocence in the way that visions and dreams come through us and instruct us in what we need to do.” ~Madi Sato

We support you in making this your focus for the next two weeks, as we begin to wane out of the full moon and into our next cycle with the return of the Dark Moon.

Are you willing to make this commitment?

On this full moon, we encourage you to bask in the luminous lunar glow and ask for support from the unknown and unseen forces that orchestrate miracles. Ask that they assist you in offering your gifts to the world and to create the life you are dreaming to create – in perfect timing. Be patient,  expect the unexpected, and continue the task of remaining faithful to your inner dreams and replenish your spirit in the waters of our Sisterhood.

We appreciate you being here in this circle of global sisters.

We would love to hear from you in the comments, sister! Please tell us about the challenges or triumphs of how you integrate your creativity, dreams, and spiritual practice into your everyday life. We will ask again: Are the routines and systems we’re using working in favor of our spiritual growth or against it? Tell us in a comment below!

So much love,

Kat, Lauren & the Global Sisterhood team

Top image art by Minjae Lee

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