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HerCIRCLE is our inner circle of feminine leaders and facilitators.

Whether you’re a mother, a healer, or a soulful entrepreneur -- welcome to your sisterhood.

Our resources and community of amazing women are here to help you rise into your power and manifest your purpose.



HerCIRCLE is a membership program where you receive monthly rituals and tools to lead a circle and build your community. You will rise into your feminine leadership supported by hundreds of seasoned facilitators from around the world.


Our resources

We’ve helped guide over 11,000 women to facilitate circles globally in 103 countries.



An entire toolkit for you to lead a moon circle.

Wherever you are on your journey, whether you’ve never led a sister circle or whether you’re a seasoned facilitator, you are ready for the next step.

And we are here to provide you with exactly that.


What You’ll get

Every Month!

Global Sisterhood HerCircle Toolkit

Global Sisterhood Toolkit

An entire toolkit to provide you with everything you need to market, sustain and grow your circle.

Global Sisterhood Heart Meditation

Monthly Theme Packet

From teaching prompts, discussion questions, manifesting visualizations, to personal worksheets -- this packet is your complete guide to facilitating a powerful and nourishing circle.

Global Sisterhood HerCircle Moon

New Moon Group Ritual

A favorite amongst our members! Each ritual is designed to bring women through a powerful transformation and leave feeling lighter, clearer, and more connected.

Global Sisterhood HerCircle Astrological Forecast

Astrological Forecasts

Want to know the power of each moon? We got you covered. This resource will help you navigate the cosmic waves and utilize their forces to help you manifest. 

Global Sisterhood HerCircle Theme Map

Theme Map

This resource helps you personally prepare for your circle so you can hold space and lead from a place of embodiment and authenticity.

Global Sisterhood Her Circle Meditation

Heart Meditation

This is the unifying meditation that began our movement. You can play this monthly recording in your circle to help women connect with themselves and with all the women gathering around the world.

Global Sisterhood HerCircle Heart Meditation


Receive 10% off all Global Sisterhood Events and Retreats while being a HerCIRCLE member.

Global Sisterhood Facebook Group

Private Facilitator Facebook Community

You’re invited to a lively Facebook group filled with juicy tips, deep conversations, and a chance to connect with facilitators from over 103 countries. Plus - access to the Global Sisterhood team.

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11,000+ women have registered their circle on our map. HerCIRCLE gives them the structure and community to help their circle thrive.

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with our private group of like-minded sisters on the path of feminine leadership.