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This is for the woman who is ready to rise

Find out how women are changing their lives through sisterhood.

You’re doing yoga and eating wholesome, nourishing foods.

You’re meditating whenever you can, clearing your mind, making space for the universe to show you the way.

You’ve journaled, created a vision board, and chanted affirmations until they sound like gibberish.

You’re pouring everything you’ve got into this mission that’s buried deep inside your soul.

And although it’s helped, nothing has radically changed.
That mission in your soul? Still waiting to be ignited.

Instead of waking up every morning overflowing with pleasure and joy, charged up with energy and feeling radiantly surrendered to the path ahead of you, ready to go for your dreams and contribute your gifts to everyone who needs them…

You’re still anxious. Frustrated. Unhappy (even though there’s so much good in your life).

S-T-U-C-K. And, of course, you’re still in pain. The kind of pain that makes you weary, right through to your heart’s center. What’s the solution?

Are you ready to rise?

A transformational monthly membership for soulful women who want to lean into their feminine leadership.

-New moon virtual live circle guided by the Global Sisterhood Team of coaches and healers

-Full moon virtual leadership call guided by a guest expert to provide the tools and tips you need to step into leadership

-Access to a private Facebook Group of women— a supportive community of like-minded women who are committed to growth and transformation

-Direct access and coaching from the Global Sisterhood team

-Approachable and effective daily steps to integrate you’re learnings to create the change you’re looking for

-A vault of guided mediations and healing rituals

HerRISING is a mystical yet practical online school where heart-centered women just like you are led by a council of women pioneers, leaders, changemakers, luminaries, and spiritual teachers.

Are you ready for epic transformation?

A gorgeous membership site where you can access transformational goodies at any time

We are here to hold you and lift you as we rise together

Transformation is so much harder to experience on your own. In fact, in this day and age, it’s nearly impossible. If you really want lasting change, you must go DEEP.

You deserve authentic women who will be there to LIFT you and remind you of how amazing you are when you forget—and we’ve created HerRISING to do just that.

Together, we’ll work through powerful themes with each new moon, such as Sacred Sexuality, Liberation Through Forgiveness, and Free The Voice. Each full moon, we bring on an incredible female leader that is making EPIC change in the world to teach us how to rise into our leadership, too.

We will guide you through rituals and practices step by step, so that you can be your most confident and free YOU. We will be connected in our journeys of growth and rising into the feminine, TOGETHER.

It’s ALL here for you

A vault of meditations, practical rituals, and exercises

We don’t just talk about healing—we do the healing

  • Feeling isolated and unsupported? Gather in LIVE virtual Women’s Circles.

  • Emotional turbulence? Be guided by renowned experts to help you move through it.

  • Overwhelm and lack of clarity? Get effective daily steps to give you focus and direction.

  • Self-doubt or low confidence? We provide guided meditations and rituals to help you step into your power.

  • Don’t have a comfortable space to share what you’re authentically going through? We provide a safe space with sacred agreements of confidentiality, non-judgment, and unconditional love and support.

Come as you are, and let’s transform together.

You can dive into these at any time to help you calm your mind, heal your heart, and help you work through a particular issue.

“Global Sisterhood is a beacon to me; a vivid network of inspiration, encouragement and recognition of the feminine force”

– Elisa Crawford, USA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you beautiful sisters for this manifestation to support and up-level the feminine. Global Sisterhood provides a safe place for women to experience a sacred circle and participate in sharing and the art and beauty of listening. It offers love, support and a place for all of us to step into our lives and create the journey with intention.”

– Debra Clark O’Neill, British Columbia, Canada

“I had facilitated women’s circles for several months before coming across the Global Sisterhood, and once I joined I was provided with so much knowledge and inspiration, now I can’t have a women’s circle without referring to the information provided by Lauren and her team. The love and support found amongst members of this group has helped boost my woman’s circle to new levels. I have never felt so supported and accepted as who I am as I have been in this group. So if you too are seeking a TRUE sisterhood, you will find what you’re looking for within the Global Sisterhood.“

– Christina Marie Tropeano, Victoria, Australia

Our topics and leaders change monthly, shifting with what the group needs

to provide you with the tools you need to fly over every hurdle


Rochelle Schieck

Founder / Author of Qoya
A Compass for Navigating an
Embodied life that is Wise, Wild and Free.

MadiSato.MyStuff (1)

Madi Sato

Founding Director
Song Carriers Women’s Circle


HeatherAsh Amara

Author of Warrior Goddess Training
The Warrior Goddess Way, & Awaken Your Inner Fire

Every month, we will bring in renowned female experts to guide you and create experiences that will help you to:

  • Manifest and create without burnout through energetic mastery tools for leaders, so that you can continuously share you beautiful gifts
  • Stand in your authentic confidence. A confidence that is bone-deep and rooted in kindness, compassion, and humility, so that you can surrender to your soul’s true purpose.
  • Implement practical tricks and tools for effectiveness, so that you can spend more time on what you actually want to be doing and less time on the mundane tasks that bring you down.
  • Be guided into (and learn how to create for yourself) ritualistic spaces for powerful, transformative shifts, so that you can make way for more magic.
  • Discover and use sacred connection rituals so that your soul says nourished, energized, and ON FIRE!

Are you ready to rise?

Got questions?

What exactly is HerRISING ?

HerRISING is Global Sisterhood’s transformational monthly membership—a program for soulful women who are eager to lean into their feminine leadership. It’s an online school led by Lauren Walsh, the founder of Global Sisterhood, and her team, and co-led by a rotating council of women pioneers, change-makers, luminaries and spiritual teachers.

HerRISING was built to provide you with the tools you need to fly gracefully over every hurdle.


How much is it?

The HerRISING monthly membership is $24/month or $240 for an annual subscription (almost two months for free). Once you join us, we’re confident you won’t want to leave!

What if I want to cancel?

If you purchase our annual membership and decide that HerRISING isn’t for you, you can cancel within one week of purchase under your membership details in your account, or by contacting us. Upon cancellation, you will be refunded and your access to the subscription content and private Facebook group will be suspended.

If you purchase our monthly subscription and decide HerRISING isn’t for you, you can opt out within your account, or contact us to pause or cancel. Canceling your HerRISING membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month. For example, if you cancel in November, you will not be charged again in December (your next bill date). You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from HerRISING until your last billing cycle.


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