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This is for the woman who is ready to rise

HerRISING: A transformational leadership school and sisterhood for soulful women… like you!

A transformational monthly membership for soulful
women who want to lean into their feminine leadership

You should know, though, that HerRISING is more than a membership.

It is a sisterhood of spiritually-inclined, authentic, driven women meeting in a judgment-free space, where we support you in sharing your gifts as well as empowering you with life changing, practical leadership skills.

HerRISING is a mystical yet practical online school where heart-centered women just like you are led by a council of women pioneers, leaders, changemakers, luminaries, and spiritual teachers.

They will guide you in taking your confidence, power, intuition, mastery, and mission to the next level through learning the art of soulful, feminine leadership.

HerRISING is about sisterhood, nourishment, pleasure, play and diving into the great mysteries of the universe.

It’s about increasing intuition, balance, productivity, and impart for a massive return on your energy

As you are held in this space, you’ll navigate thought doubt and fear, transforming them into confidence. You will create deep, tangible transformation in yourself — and our world

Ready to sign up?

To join, it’s only $19.95 per month

You’re doing yoga and eating wholesome, nourishing foods.

You’re meditating whenever you can, clearing your mind, making space for the universe to show you the way.

You’ve journaled, created a vision board, and chanted affirmations until they sound like gibberish.

You’re pouring everything you’ve got into this mission that’s buried deep inside your soul.

And although it’s helped, nothing has radically changed.
That mission in your soul? Still waiting to be ignited.

Instead of waking up every morning overflowing with pleasure and joy, charged up with energy and feeling radiantly surrendered to the path ahead of you, ready to go for your dreams and contribute your gifts to everyone who needs them…

You’re still anxious. Frustrated. Unhappy (even though there’s so much good in your life).

And, of course, you’re still in pain. The kind of pain that makes you weary, right through to your heart’s center.

The problem with
weariness is that
it makes you
doubt yourself

There’s that little voice at the back of your head that whispers:

You’re not good enough to do this.

Who are you to teach others?

Who are you to speak and have people listen to?

If you get really honest with yourself, you KNOW this voice is wrong, but then you look around at your life and think maybe you should just move on and give up this ideal of doing something more. Maybe your dreams were never meant to come true.

Because even though you truly believe you have an incredible gift to offer the world, life can be freaking heavy.

Competition. Jealousy. Judgment. Insecurity. Politics. Petty, self-absorbed, vain drama-for-the-sake-of-drama. The neverending stupidity of it all.

You try to shut it down, shut it out. But somehow you still get caught up in it.

And every time you do, you catch yourself.

Because you should know better.

You get annoyed at yourself for feeling insecure. Impatient with yourself for STILL comparing yourself to other women. Frustrated when you can’t seem to rise above it all and be better than this. Be the woman you’ve always known you could be. Happy, and free.

You know there’s
more to life
than just the
day to day

More than the stress of your day job. More than the weight of the responsibilities you carry. More than the seemingly never-ending cycle of one-step-forward, two-steps-back.

With your entire being, you know: it can be so much easier than this.

You know the universe always has your back. You know that it’s always going to provide for you.

You know that you can live your life completely in flow, sharing your gifts with others and changing the world for the better…
But you don’t know how.

I’m going to tell you a secret.

Something the old paradigm of leadership does not want you to know…

There is nothing wrong with you, your voice, your story, your mission, or your vision.

The problem is you’re stuck in an old paradigm of leadership.

As women, we’ve been taught to judge our bodies.Other women’s bodies.

Compare and compete right from the start. We’ve been told, from the moment we enter this world, that we are wrong.

Had our faults listed for us over and over. Constantly been told that we are not worthy – that we do not live up to the imaginary standards of airbrushed perfection that we’re supposed to meet.

We’ve been judged, endlessly, every single moment of every single day. Blamed and shamed simply for being who we are.

Powerful. Beautiful. Empathetic. Wonderful, brilliant, beautiful beings.

We’ve been told that this is our weakness.

We’ve been told that our compassion, our empathy, our deep emotional wisdom, is what’s wrong with us.

There is nothing wrong with you.
Your “weakness”
is your greatest source of power

The old way of leadership doesn’t work.

It doesn’t acknowledge you or your capacities.

It doesn’t stop you from burning out or let you live in flow with the universe.

It doesn’t stop these feelings of insecurity, jealousy, judgment or lack.

Because the old paradigm of leadership is about force,
not flow.

Here’s the thing: You can’t stop those feelings of
inadequacy until you break the cycle and step into a
NEW paradigm of leadership.

The next generation of leadership is not about burnout
and sacrifice and pain.

It’s about practical magic. Compassion. Flow. Transformation. And game-changing execution.

It’s about you fulfilling your purpose – following that soul-deep calling – with balance.

Caring for and healing others, while also caring for and healing yourself. Truly and deeply.

This new leadership is not about rising above others to perpetuate blame and competition.

It’s about walking shoulder to shoulder with all people, demonstrating a NEW way of existing together.

A way that begins with kindness towards ourselves, and kindness towards others.

It’s about believing in our work and supporting one another, over and over again.

Until the cycle of blame and shame is broken.

It’s our turn to loudly and proudly lead the way to a future that lights us, and the people around us, UP.

You might not think you’re a leader.

You might think you’re not ready.

You might think you’re not good enough, or educated enough, or “expert” enough.

But there is something inside you that wants to be shared.
Something that yearns to see the light. The light that others so desperately need to see!

Stepping into this new, feminine leadership can be scary and uncomfortable.

But it takes new behavior to get new results.

You are sensitive and empathetic and there is great power in that. You just need to know how to WIELD your power with ease and confidence.

Creating your fulfilled, passionate life…
Contributing your gifts in a way that will impact others for good…

Experiencing a deep transformation that will  empower you to lead with courage.

Join HerRISING and every month you’ll
take part in two powerful online circles

The Transformation Circle is held on the New Moon

The Transformation Circle is held on the New Moon

Global Sisterhood’s incredible leader, Lauren, together with her amazing team AND special guest expert for the month, will take you through ritual every new moon.

These rituals will renew, heals, and supports you in growing and applying your spiritual, intuitive, and manifesting powers in a practical way that you can apply immediately to your life, business, and mission.

In this space of new beginnings, sheltered in a community of soul-centered women, you’ll plant powerful seeds filled with the intentions of what you deeply desire in your life . You’ll have a safe and inspiring place to share your intention with sisters who hold the vision with you, and who help you stay accountable when you feel fear or run into self-sabotage.

The Full Moon brings
the Leadership Circle

The Full Moon brings
the Leadership Circle

This is where you’ll learn from the pioneers, CEOs, authors, and activists who are living a mystically-inspired life while creating revolutionary change in our world. These extraordinary women will give you powerful tools and advice on how to ROCK your mission.

Everything you could ever want to know about feminine leadership, business, speaking, hosting events, getting your mission out into the world, and more… This is where we cover it.

These true women warriors will bare their souls for you, sharing their personal empowerment tools, leadership secrets, life hacks, mastery skills, and methods for being a successful, happy, and empathetic leader. They’ll show you how to ground your gifts in reality, using practical tools to support feminine leadership.

Between these two circles you’ll
have access to all of this:

A gorgeous membership site where you can access additional transformational goodies at any time

A gorgeous membership site where you can access additional transformational goodies at any time

As soon as you become a HerRISING member, you’ll get access to the vault (more on that in a second!), plus a monthly leadership exercise and transformation ritual – inspired by the month’s theme and teacher – that you can download as a pdf and do on your own, or lead others through, whenever you choose. The membership site will also store all the information you need about upcoming calls, themes, and leaders, so you can get emotionally and spiritually prepared for what’s coming up next.

A vault of meditations
and practical rituals
and exercises

A vault of meditations
and practical rituals
and exercises

These monthly training videos are here to inspire you by showcasing powerhouse, soulful feminine leaders covering vulnerable, real sisterhood topics, like:

  • Body reprogramming so you can learn to love the beautiful body you were born with
  • Healing jealousy so that you can move through life without constantly comparing yourself to others
  • Manifestation to attract more joy and abundance into your life

You can dive into these at any time to help you calm your mind, heal your heart, and help you work through a particular issue.

Exclusive feature opportunities!

Exclusive feature opportunities!

We know that learning and growing are SO important to your journey, but so is being lifted up and given a stage where you can share your wisdom and talents.

When you are a part of the HerRISING sisterhood, you can apply to be featured in front of our entire global community.

Feature opportunities include:

  • A blog post, featuring you, your mission, and your path on our call
  • An email, sent to our entire email list, all about YOU
  • Major shoutouts on social media, so that all of our community knows who you are – and that you’re here to help them!

“Global Sisterhood is a beacon to me; a vivid network of inspiration, encouragement and recognition of the feminine force”

– Elisa Crawford, USA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you beautiful sisters for this manifestation to support and up-level the feminine. Global Sisterhood provides a safe place for women to experience a sacred circle and participate in sharing and the art and beauty of listening. It offers love, support and a place for all of us to step into our lives and create the journey with intention.”

– Debra Clark O’Neill, British Columbia, Canada

“I had facilitated women’s circles for several months before coming across the Global Sisterhood, and once I joined I was provided with so much knowledge and inspiration, now I can’t have a women’s circle without referring to the information provided by Lauren and her team. The love and support found amongst members of this group has helped boost my woman’s circle to new levels. I have never felt so supported and accepted as who I am as I have been in this group. So if you too are seeking a TRUE sisterhood, you will find what you’re looking for within the Global Sisterhood.“

– Christina Marie Tropeano, Victoria, Australia

Our topics and leaders change monthly, shifting with what the group needs

to provide you with the tools you need to fly over every hurdle


Rochelle Schieck

Founder / Author of Qoya
A Compass for Navigating an
Embodied life that is Wise, Wild and Free.


Nichol Bradford

Executive Director
Transformative Technology Lab
Sofia University


HeatherAsh Amara

Author of Warrior Goddess Training
The Warrior Goddess Way, & Awaken Your Inner Fire

Every month, we will bring in renowned female experts to guide you and create experiences that will help you to:

  • Manifest and create without burnout through energetic mastery tools for leaders, so that you can continuously share you beautiful gifts
  • Stand in your authentic confidence. A confidence that is bone-deep and rooted in kindness, compassion, and humility, so that you can surrender to your soul’s true purpose.
  • Implement practical tricks and tools for effectiveness, so that you can spend more time on what you actually want to be doing and less time on the mundane tasks that bring you down.
  • Be guided into (and learn how to create for yourself) ritualistic spaces for powerful, transformative shifts, so that you can make way for more magic.
  • Discover and use sacred connection rituals so that your soul says nourished, energized, and ON FIRE!
  • Strengthen and trust your voice and talents so that you shift into the next phase of your growth and leadership.
  • Hold a powerful presence so that you can create impact simply by being.
  • Design transformational experiences that create true change for everyone participating.
  • Attract opportunities and people who open doors of possibilities into your life so that you can change your material reality beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Gracefully and powerfully show up in a variety of situations in your life – from presentations at work, to leading events, teaching workshops, speaking on stage, and more.
  • Reprogram undesired habits and replace them with new habits that empower you and improve your life.
  • Reconnect with yourself every month through guided meditations and sisterhood support.
  • Establish self-care rituals that will increase your vibrancy, magnetism, and effectiveness in all areas of your life.
  • Embrace the process of healing from insecurity and doubts so you can unfold into the person you have always known you can be.
  • Learn how your empathy and intuition can guide you powerfully through life by allowing more of the sacred into your daily experience.
  • Clarify your mission and find the exact next steps to take so that you can start following the call your soul feels and start transforming your life right now.

“I want to let you and Lauren and the rest of the staff know how much I learn and grow from being a part of the sisterhood. It was a divinely inspired idea, and it continues to grow and grow. Some of us didn’t even know how much we needed it until it appeared, so thank you all.”

– Michelle Hawley, Georgia, USA

“I absolutely enjoy the monthly circles. It’s a great chance to remind me to trust, open up, be vulnerable and heal amongst sisters.
Thank you for everything you do!”

– Jennifer Gonzalez, Texas, USA

and start taking massive action to share your gifts with the world ,tune in with the universe, and start living in f-l-o-w

We know embarking on any new journey or taking on any new change can be scary, so we have a special offer for you.

HerRISING is a monthly membership, at $19.95/month. (Or $195 if you pay for the full year.)

“I felt really guided to join in and be part of this powerful feminine movement. At first, I felt really insecure to be a facilitator, but I let my intuition be my guide. I let my own feminine energy flow and began to express the real me, my real voice. I feel more confident, more comfortable with myself, I take better care of me and my loved ones, I know myself better, my fears, my dreams, my capacities and I also know that all my answers are within me.”

– Martha I. Hernandez, Mexico

“I started a women’s circle in 1989 with a few friends that is still together though I recently moved away. The rituals, laughter, tears and bonds actually empowered me to make my life work. It has been an incredible journey. We taught ourselves but now Global Sisterhood has come along and made it so easy! I highly recommend anyone who is slightly curious to join in whatever capacity works for you.”

– Laurie Lotus Miller, California, USA

Every New Moon you dive deep into your spirit, setting your intentions and creating practical, powerful magic to guide your life.

Now imagine that by the Full Moon your powerful intentions are blossoming into your tangible reality, and not only can you see the path ahead, you have every tool you need on your journey.

Imagine having the accountability and support of a sisterhood of driven, heart-centered, purposeful women just like yourself – women who are embarking on this journey of soulful, feminine leadership with you. Women who support you to share your voice and finally be heard. Be UPlifted.

This IS possible for you.

We know there’s a fire igniting inside of you. Now is the time to let it burn brighter than ever before.

Now is the time to heal ourselves, empower each other, and transform our world. Together.

Now is the time to rise into the true potential that lies inside of you, waiting.

You hear the call. I know you do

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

Now is the time to listen to it. To embrace it. Follow it.
And get the tools to make it a reality.

I want to rise!

“I’ve been looking for this my whole life! I ALWAYS knew I wanted to help others, even as a little girl. I have done my best to serve throughout my life but now in a bigger way and with a focus. I have the amazing calling for helping women and have the knowing that that is the focus of my soul’s mission! I just didn’t know how, where or when, so finding this movement has been an answered prayer!”

– Fernanda Odum, Texas, USA

Got questions?

What exactly is HerRISING ?

HerRISING is a monthly online membership focused on teaching you practical magic to dramatically transform your life, get you out of blame and shame, rise in your feminine leadership, and start living the life you know is possible for you.

We give you all the practical and spiritual tools you need
to follow your mission, build a life of ease and joy, and
transform yourself and those around you – so we can transform our world, together.

How much is it?

The HerRISING monthly membership is $19.95/month. (We know, amazing value!) Once you join us inside and experience the goodness, we’re confident you won’t want to leave! You can also get 2 months free when you purchase a full year subscription.

What if I want to cancel?

You can do so at any time! If you decide you would like to cancel at any point during your trial month, you can do so up to 3 days before your first billing date and you won’t be charged again. If you opt for an annual membership, there is a 3 day cooling off period during which you can cancel and receive a full refund.

Do you have any kind of guarantee?

We guarantee INCREDIBLE guests and thoughtful, deep content that will aid in your growth and evolution. We guarantee an AUTHENTIC sisterhood full of respect and honor for your needs.

What if I don’t consider myself a leader?

Most of our members don’t call themselves leaders, but we see them for who they truly are. They are spiritual women: coaches, healers, guides, practitioners, activists – women who are out to change the world. Modeling a new way of life and community that connects us all through compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. They may not think of themselves as leaders, but their voices ring strong and clear and they lead by following that call within. The same goes for you 🙂

What is the
Global Sisterhood?

We are an organization dedicated to teaching women to lead transformational Sister Circles all over the world and we believe:

  • That change starts from within and naturally inspires impactful action.
  • That it is time for the feminine to rise. To be honored, celebrated, and embraced so we can bring greater peace, compassion, wisdom, intuition, and harmony into this world.
  • That blaming and shaming gives away our power and authority to create change.
  • That to create change, we must practice self-accountability and compassion for ourselves, and compassion for others.
  • That women are being called to inspire, innovate, and teach a new, more cooperative way to live – and that we must answer that call.
  • That it is our duty to shift competition, comparison, jealousy, and judgment into connection, compassion, support, and trust, through personal accountability and self-love.
  • That by connecting with the natural rhythms of the earth’s presence and the moon’s cycles, we can connect to something much bigger than ourselves, and spread balance and peace throughout the world.
  • That to truly transform our world, we must first transform ourselves.
  • And that to transform ourselves and transform our world, we must unite. And as one, choose soulful leadership, authenticity, and integrity.

We are women, unifying from every tradition, religion,
and nation to uphold the light of forgiveness and compassion.

Transforming ourselves
and transforming our world – together.

“For me, being in the Global Sisterhood it is the knowledge of being connected around new moons – all over our globe – with women, having the same goal.”

– Corina Hickman, Switzerland


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