Healing Sisterhood Shadows


Sisterhood isn’t just “love and light” all the time.
It is an opportunity to go deep and get real.

Do you walk with us in our quest to explore these depths and liberate these ancient stories for ourselves, and all our sisters?

Even in our deepest emotion and heartache, we are never truly alone. Let’s pull up our sleeves and do this sacred work, together.

We can explore ourselves in many ways.
Each time we unearth a new realization within, we find a rock we can polish until it becomes a jewel.

These realizations aren’t always pretty.

For example, you may realize that you are jealous of a friend, and this jealousy is holding you back.
You may realize you have been comparing yourself to another woman in your life.
Perhaps you have been judging her, thinking you are better in some way… or perhaps you see her as being absolutely radiant in her talents and gifts, and you put yourself down for not having the same strengths, or for not being as lovable.

Whatever your current feelings are, keep them flowing.
There is much to work with here.
Keep going.

Photo by Eye for Ebony

Sometimes, the work can be challenging and deeply confronting.
At times, it takes fierceness and devotion to looking at the parts of ourselves we often bypass because, quite frankly, it can be really uncomfortable.
Other times, we can explore ourselves playfully and gently, with grace and love.

The breakthroughs come in whatever form they are meant to come in. We can explore what feels most nourishing for us.

It is up to us to walk the path of transformation keeping our self-love and self-compassion at the center.
This brings hope and inner-knowing to our hearts, even in the darkest hour.

As women alive at this time on Planet Earth, it is, in a way, our duty to be present with all that arises and continue humbling ourselves so that the transformation can move through us…

Not just for ourselves, but for all of mankind, for future generations, and for the earth herself.

If this is resonating, or if you feel triggered or emotional, follow the sensations in your body.
Allow them to teach you.
Allow them to unfurl through you and find a way through your heart and out into the light.

Photo by Yuri Levin

Dynamics in sisterhood can sometimes be challenging to navigate.
If you are experiencing even the most subtle jealousy, comparison, or competition… you are not alone.

Even open-hearted women with the best intentions feel these feelings. It is completely normal, and it is completely okay.

It doesn’t need to be taboo to talk about.
In fact, voicing these feelings is a part of healing them.
When we speak about our inner process in a safe space, we shed the shame and self-judgment.
Sharing, in itself, can be the release of tension.

It is our responsibility as sisters devoted to doing the work, to look deeply within and choose to see that anything we are triggered by in another sister is truly a reflection of ourselves.

And further… It is an invitation for us to step up into our greatness, and embrace the parts of ourselves that feel petty, unworthy, or unloved.

We are here to learn from one another, and to offer our wisdom from a place that is deeply embodied and rooted in true love and compassion… not just the shell of it.

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella

When we support one another from this place of clear intentions and open, honest hearts, something shifts.
Hope is born.

Hope emerges from a place of trusting that we are in integrity, or that we are walking towards integrity.
We become a deeper part of the solution… and we know and can feel in our bodies that this is what the world needs.

This is part of the revolution which is the rising of the feminine. Together, we process through our shadows and reclaim any power hiding there that we are ready to transform into potent gifts.

If you are feeling any sisterhood shadows such as jealousy, competition, or comparison, consider looking within and seeing where you have work to do.
Additionally, if you are feeling courageous, we encourage you to share your feelings with a sister in a way that is open for communication and healing.

Go deep. Get real. Trust yourself. Trust the journey.
We are with you, breathing beside you on this incredible, deepening path.
We believe in your ability to transform yourself… and together, we transform the world!

How do you process through challenges with sisters?
What do you do when you are feeling jealousy, comparison, or competition?
Let us know in the comments below.

With all our love,
Torie & The Global Sisterhood Team


  1. Sharalyna

    Hi ladies, Im so glad I found this page! I have been all manner of off-key with many areas of my life, major areas too and finding this page has been exactly what Iv needed to read x Comforting and straight to the heart. Im struggling (for an eternity) to understand the feelings i feel, and why I cant connect to my inner power, inspite of the many books iv read, youtube tutorials, self-help gurus and all the rest, I just cant connect and move past these shadows, and instead isolate myself, amd closest away everyday. Not healthy but i cant seem to break thru! I look forward to connecting with a circle and begin exploring what it means to connect to womanhood in this way!
    Much love x

    • Nicole Köpke

      Dear Caro, I know this sensation of feeling stuck. You may wrap your heart-wings of Love around that part of you that is frustrated and not able to break thru. You may stop and feel compassion for this part of you. The attitude of allowing this part, for not being able to get where you want to get, is very freeing. Frustration is keeping the stuckness stuck. Or you may try to leave the stuckness alone and go connect with the ones you would normally isolate yourself from. A very direct way to change. Hint: to connect to good vibes, feel fluffy, funny, light. airy, easy and VAGE. The bodysensation is “open the windows and vent every cell of your body”. Being too serious and too close hinders the flow – the vibes don´t match. We are always 1 thought away from alignment or 1 millimeter. It is more a “relaxing 1mm back into alignment” instead of acchievment-mode with stuggle and push. Big hug and feeling love, Nicole (a facilitator in Germany)

    • Global Sisterhood

      I had tried for years to do my inner work, while still isolating myself from community–whether out of shame or feeling like I would be a “drag” to others. But the call to start a circle was so strong that I had to listen to it, and I started a circle. That was over 9 years ago, and now I’m working for Global Sisterhood. Gathering with my sisters has changed my life! I feel that it is a powerful step in our healing, to trust that we can be authentic and honest and real with what we’re feeling–while in the presence of women who will can feel and reflect our light (even when we can’t see it in ourselves). Yes, we must validate ourselves. Yes, we must be the ones to shift our thoughts and emotions and align our inner focus. Yes! All of this is true…AND we must step into our place on the circle of life and realize that we are interconnected and we do need each other. Let’s embrace this destiny instead of running away from it. Anything you have felt–no matter how dark or scary–I can imagine that another woman has felt the same way. You are NOT alone, @sharalyna.

      Sending you so much love, Kat (and the Global Sisterhood team)

  2. SisterJana

    So happy to have found this group – thank you, Michelle Reid!

  3. Mikta

    I am grateful to find this group. I just signed up to lead a group in my state because there isn’t one. I am glad for the support because I feel with all my heart that we women can & will change the direction the world has taken. We can be firm, fierce & loving like a mother bear & open the path for men to find the feminine inside themselves. FIRST by doing our own work & holding the space for all who are willing to grow. The pledge deeply touched my heart & I sign up with gratitude, faith & hope – backed up with ACTION.

  4. Esra

    Thank you sister … Sometimes we have such feelings without knowing or mean it, when I feel I try to return to my right and then see myself deeply and then to my advantages and leave the comparison aside, we need a true friendship with the self and then with each other as women because we know some , I just started my circle how can I gather women and start sharing what we love with my deep love.

  5. dhoward

    Such important work. I love the whole concept of being real. And that it isn’t just about love, light and ‘being happy’. This happiness movement has been a disservice to all those in pain and healing. It isn’t good enough to just be positive and put on your happy emoji. There is real pain and healing to do, and that requires us to get real, be honest, be open, and roll up our sleeves. Grateful for this global group.

  6. Global Sisterhood

    Yes, so true, @dhoward! This is a quote we love on this subject from Alana Fairchild, ” “It takes a truly great leader to be a great warrior for love on this planet. This leader does not give us false hope, or imaginings that all the problems that need solving will just magically ‘go away’ if we close our eyes and hope hard enough. Instead this leader inspires us with genuine encouragement and empowerment. This leader is honest about our healing light really being needed on this planet. There are environmental and socio-economic problems on this planet that are not alright, and will need to fall apart so that healing can occur for the greater good. Without that honest conscious acknowledgement that there is a great wounding in our world that needs repair, we can be left with an undercurrent of anxiety, a feeling that something is wrong but it is not being openly acknowledged. Without this acknowledgement, constructive solutions are not being implemented. We must be careful that we don’t allow our genuine optimism, which keeps us open and active, to become a source of falsehood. We must not allow it to tell us that nothing need happen and everything is alright when the Divine Mother tells us that this is not true at all! We need to be honest with ourselves and our suffering. We need not fear it, we need to be aware of it and through that awareness, healing can occur.”

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