Free your voice: What are you not saying?

Dear sister,

What are you not saying?

What passionate desire have you yet to express?

Are you too modest to speak about your strengths and gifts?

There was a time when being a “good girl,” being modest, pleasing others, and staying small was necessary for survival.

Not only with men, but amongst women too. Jealousy and competition were serious threats in the times when women were required to depend on a man’s affection to survive.

Women were often shamed, shunned, or even burned for sharing their truth and embodying their power. So we learned to be quiet and to please.

We like to believe that this time has long passed — however, most of us are still working on the conditioning of staying small and silent whether we realize it or not.

Thanks to the many brave women throughout HERstory sharing their voices, we have come to a point in time where the tides are turning.

And there is still much work to do.

That’s why, as a Global Sisterhood, we are doing the work to heal from the intergenerational trauma which has led to millions of women

doubting our voices, not speaking about our gifts, struggling to say no, fearing rejection, and most importantly — being unsupportive of other women who are shining and sharing their truth.

That is why this new moon, we pledge to unleash our voices.

Within the Global Sisterhood, we’re committed to creating a safe space for you to express your voice and share your gifts.

As we women commit to supporting each other in this process, we spark a feminine revolution.

The revolution starts in simple ways:

It’s in being compassionate to another woman’s beliefs that are FAR different than your own, and speaking your truth with EMPATHY and respect.
It’s in sitting down with your friend and having a hard conversation.
It’s in addressing issues with maturity, respect, and radical candor.
It’s in asking for a raise.
It’s in OWNING YOUR STRENGTHS. (Yes, literally speaking positively about yourself in public.)
It’s in saying no to a friend, saying YES to sharing your writing and ideas, telling your story, or joining a women’s circle.

Here’s how to join the revolution:

For this new moon theme “Free The Voice,” we invite you to unleash your truth.

We’re inviting thousands of women to share an untold part of their story.

Tag, sister, you’re it!

What do you do? It’s simple.

Tell us about an unheard part of your story that you’ve been holding back. It’s either been too big, too crazy, too glorious, too mystical, too taboo or even felt too shameful to tell.

You can either write it out and post it in our private Facebook group with the hashtags #FreeTheVoice #UnleashYourTruth — or, simply share with a friend.

It’s important to show the world this part of yourself because, through you, another woman will feel seen, heard and encouraged to shine her truth, too.


Don’t forget—June new moon resources are live under “HerCIRCLE Resources.” Explore!
It is time to bring your inner transformational work into a larger community and make a difference doing it. Now is the perfect time to prepare for this upcoming next new moon where you have the opportunity to host a powerful circle. We need more women like YOU. Our resources are the most in-depth, comprehensive and current resources out there (we’ve checked)! We’re here for you, sister!
This ritual is deep and integrative, so we created a Free The Voice playlist to play after the ritual to lighten the energy if you need it. Listen on Spotify here.




The Global Sisterhood team

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