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So what happens when you embrace all of you…

Your light and dark, your joy and sorrow?

You deepen in yourself…

You embody yourself more fully.

When we deny ourselves sacred space to sit with, journal about, or breath with our pain as it arises…

we deny ourselves the privilege of sitting with a High Master…a great teacher…the greatest in our lives.

Learning to listen to, hold space for, and allow your Light – your higher intelligence, love, acceptance, compassion, and gentleness – to merge in Sacred Union with your Dark – your sorrow, rage, self judgment, and fear. 

Your true essence is strengthened. Your healer/leader/change-maker is fortified.

Your soul’s mission unfolds before you.

YOU become MORE YOU.

And more you is exactly what this world needs to heal.

With love,

Lauren and the Global Sisterhood team


  1. Lisa Moonshadow

    Thank you for this inspirational message. I have always struggled with my (perceived) negative emotions. That struggle fed my Alcoholism. In the 12 step program I follow we are encouraged to respond to fear with faith, judgement with acceptance. This message has encouraged me to look closer at my response to these feelings and with more acceptance that they are part of me.

  2. jonnydiane

    This is jonny diane in the Wichita, Kansas area!!! I just got the Wichita group open. Had made several other contact when Facebook decided that my “titles” of RN Officiant were not allowed. So I’ve been locked out of both my Facebook personal et my business page … so be aware there are those that are not wanting this global connection I do fear!!! Keep fighting sisters it’s 2018 who the hell do they think we are!!! We are NOT nor ever have been the weaker sex … I’m now on a mission to fight ALL that stand in my/our ways … let’s move this Universe like never before!!!

    1. kristi713

      They’re not going to know what hit them.
      Interfering bastards.
      There are those that don’t want a lot of things to happen, like the Peace Movement, instead creating an Armageddon with their violence and hate. But I believe critical mass was what 12/21/2012 was all about, and has just been growing ever since. Though sometimes I fear things have gone so far, with the rich and powerful controlling the Game right now, that things may be unstoppable. But I’ll put the Light Energy out as much as possible, to join my sister’s, along with those men who have “dropped out of the Patriarchy”.

  3. jeanwilkerson

    Beautifully stated. We must fully love all parts of ourselves, not just the good bits. Embrace both our failures and our successes with self honesty. Growth as an individual must first start w the recognition of the issue but then move immediately to the goals for resolution to be achieved. Many of our human instincts tell us to beat ourselves up for our shortcomings but it’s such a waste of the beautiful energy we could be using to erase the issue entirely

    1. Global Sisterhood Admin Post author

      You’re absolutely right in saying it’s a waste of our precious energy. We are so powerful when we commit our energy to love, to harmony, to resolution. Thank you for stating this so well, Sister.


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