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Taurus : I honor my body as a temple.

TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2018, 7:00 PM,

455 9th Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA

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Taurus :: Empowered Body :: I honor my body as a Temple. As a breast feeding mother of a toddler, this topic brings me to much different territory than it did previously. In caring for this little being as an extension of myself, my comfort is often sacrificed. But when Nyvon looks at me, I know he sees me as his temple. Just as my body is my own spaceship for this life journey, for now I am his spaceship too. So all I can do is my best to take good care of myself under the circumstances, while cultivating awe and appreciation for this beautiful body's complex systems, divine intelligence, wisdom, and ability to heal herself. However you find yourself relating to your body these days, I really look forward to diving in to circle with you .

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