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You are invited to join our sacred circle as we rise together every new moon to support each other in a safe place and cultivate.... Read more

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Scorpio New Moon - I honour my creativity, my power, my passion

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2018, 7:15 PM,

warriewood surf life saving club

Description: 2018 NOVEMBER NEW MOON - SACRED SEXUALITY: I HONOR MY BODY, MY POWER AND MY PASSION Our female bodies are receptive vessels, able to open and receive the seed of inspiration that, when nourished, is able to blossom into new life. We also do this for ourselves over and over again within one lifetime. This is the sexual power we women carry in our bones and blood, the power that has been feared, hunted and suppressed for centuries. Our sexual force – which encompasses much more than the act of sex or being sexually appealing -- is pure creative power that can be used to enliven and enrich our own lives and the lives of others. When we learn to properly wield our sexual power, we become stronger, more balanced, whole and healed, and able to actualize our visions into service for the world. Sisters, we have a lot to heal in our world within the realm of sexuality. We call to every sister to rise, if not for yourselves then for your sisters, mothers, grandmothers and daughters. We have the opportunity to rise, hand-in-hand, and reclaim our sexual power as a lightning rod of healing for our world. Join us for our monthly Sister Circle as we reclaim wholeness, purity and the true power of our sexuality – together. Just BE, with a couple of hours of relaxation, mindfulness and enjoying the company of beautiful like-minded women and delicious teas and treats. You will leave feeling calm, nurtured and connected to your body, power and passion. Cost $20 (includes meditation, yoga, herbal teas, healthy treats) Bring: Your intention to open and receive nourishment to balance your sacred sexuality. Yoga mats, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows provided. 7:15pm arrival for 7:30pm sharp start. Loving looking forward to your RSVP. With Love and in Sisterhood, Kirstie, Nicola and Deanne xxxx RSVP AND TICKETS HERE: https://www.beacheshealing.com.au/events/sacred-sexuality-i-honour-my-creativity-my-power-my-passion


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