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Every time women gather in a Circle, they heal a little bit more. And so does the world.

If you look up sisterhood in the dictionary, here’s what you’ll find.


noun: sisterhood



The solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns.


We’d go even further than that. To us, sisterhood means drama-free, authentic, uplifting, transformative, soulful friendships between women who choose to practice self-accountability, integrity, and compassion.


Truly needed, right?


Around here, sisterhood is nurtured through what we call Sister Circles.


Sister Circles are safe and sacred in-person gatherings where we women are supported in  sharing our truths (however painful), seeing others and being seen, deeply listening to others and feeling heard, healing, growing, and transforming into the women we were born to be.

They’re beautifully simple and enormously powerful. Women meet in Circles all over the world on the new moon to heal, renew, and empower one another wholeheartedly. Circles can be as small as 3 people or as big as 50.


We, the Global Sisterhood team, provide transformational themes for every Circle to explore together through engaging questions, rituals, and exercises given to the facilitator. This means women are having the same conversations, locally and in our global online community, on the same evening every month, creating a new level of sisterhood that amplifies our individual evolution and collective transformation.


For extra special events, such as International Women’s Day, Circles can participate in a live global meditation broadcast, deep discussions, and special practices at the exact same moment in hundreds of locations around the world.

If you’re like us…

You’ve had more than your fair share of doubts, fears, and self-critical moments – maybe several times a day. And if you’re like us, you’ve also had sad and challenging experiences with other women. Maybe you were judged, talked about behind your back, left out, or worse.

Sister Circles are putting a stop to this illusion.

Mistrust, comparison, and inauthenticity is not in our TRUE nature. We don’t actually want to be like this with each other. On a soul level, we all yearn to be included, heard, held, and valued, and we yearn to offer that to others.


That’s why Sister Circles exist.

They’re judgment-free zones.


They’re also places to unleash the more mystical and wild parts of your feminine nature. (You know, those parts that you keep hidden from others for fear that they won’t “get” it.)


There’s something indescribably magical about Sister Circles. Honestly? It’s something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand.


So… get involved and witness the power for yourself.

You’ve got two options

You can either start your own Circle in your area, or join one that already exists. Let’s get to it!


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