Building a Foundation for Trust (Ritual) - The Global Sisterhood
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In any relationship, trust is an essential piece.

Trust is the foundation we build our lives and relationships upon.

Without trust, we cannot take steps forward–in our work, family life, or friendships.

Photo by Diana Simumpande

At our Global Sisterhood team meeting last Thursday, Kate, Lauren, and I were the only ones the office. After our usual check-ins, we realized that we were all having some energy around the theme of trust. So, since we are a feminine business with mystical leadings, we did a 10 minute ritual before jumping into tasks.

This ritual will help you to tune into all the ways you desire to expand your capacity to trust. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Trust opens doors for creativity to blossom, hearts to open, and love to flow.

For this ritual you will need:

  • Something to write on
  • Something to write with
  • A timer
  • A trusted sister/friend to share with

Ask yourself, “What can I trust more?”

Using this prompt, set a timer and free-write for 10 minutes. Don’t overthink it. Just let the words and ideas flow.

For example, some of the things I wrote were, “I can trust more that I am enough as I am. I can trust more in my capacity to love. I can trust more that having fun is a service to all. I can trust more in my body’s ability to heal itself.”

Take turns speaking what you have written aloud with a trusted sister or person. Feel the desire to trust more permeated every cell of your being, as you make this powerful proclamation-affirmation to life!

Close your trust ritual in whatever feels most sacred to you. We closed our ritual by soaking our fingertips in the bowl of water in the center of the table and blessing ourselves by placing the water on our heads, faces, and necks.

Take this ritual one step further by sharing with us in the comments below some of the ways you’re desiring to trust more!

Thank you for being a valuable, trusting soul on this incredible journey of sisterhood. We are inspired by your courage and imagination.

With fierce love,
Kat and the Global Sisterhood team



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