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Welcome to the Global Sisterhood’s Live Broadcast and Worldwide Synchronized Meditation

We are women rising…and there is no denying it!

Change is occuring in our world, and now more than ever, women are needed to show a new way. A more evolved way of relating, being, and sharing. We are destined to be the leaders supporting this evolution in our world. Together, we must learn to truly rise, united in sisterhood, compassion, courage, and heartfelt service. How we feel, think, and act in our lives and in our communities can create ripples that impact the whole. Together in synchronized intention we can AMPLIFY our impact.

Feel the power of connecting your heart in meditation with thousands of women around the world–all at the same moment. Science has shown when a critical mass of people gather in meditation amazing results occur. For example, in Washington D.C. in 1993 a small percentage of the population (less than 1%) meditated together and the violent crime rate decreased 23% percent (The Maharishi Effect). Science has also shown us that when a critical mass of people begin to believe or act in a certain way, the collective consciousness of the whole world begins to change.

We are that critical mass co-creating global change.

About the Broadcast

Our 2018 Theme was:

“Empathy is my superpower: I feel it to heal it”

Join the Global Sisterhood team (and your global sisters ) as we dive into the power of empathy, why it is KEY to transforming ourselves and our world. Together we will discuss healthy ways to wield our empathy to increase personal power, happiness, and our ability to rise into leaders shaping the future of our world.

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We believe that every day is a day to celebrate women. And we know that acknowledging empathy as our superpower brings each of us closer to our personal truth, worth and power. Join us as we rise in sisterhood!

With love,

The Global Sisterhood Team

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