Becoming a Peace Bridge


You might say that I crash landed into being a moderator for the Global Sisterhood.  It honestly had not occurred to me that that would ever happen.  Apparently, though, life had other plans.

I have loved the Sisterhood since I joined it, sometime in Spring of 2017.  I had made several connections there.  There was one friend in particular who I connected with.  She has a very big heart, and I felt a deep resonance with her, despite being from a completely different culture and religion.

One day, we were chatting online and she told me that she had been removed from the group.  I was instantly incensed!  Had they removed her for posting from her religious perspective?  I had thought there was room for all of us.  Back then, the posts went through unfiltered.  So there was no moderator to answer me before it actually hit the group.  “Was our sister removed for posting about her beliefs?” That was how my post began.  It wasn’t hateful, but it was strong and direct. And it caused a mutiny.

Photo by T. Chick McClure

All of a sudden other sisters were joining in and upset.  A few wanted to leave the group.  I believe it was Lauren who sent me a message and told me that this was not the case, that there had been a misunderstanding.  I updated my post to reflect what I had been told, and started sending messages to all the sisters who had left the group inviting them back.  Poor Lauren, she had to deal with me at my full intensity.  I wasn’t mean, but I was fairly passionate.  I do remember her saying something about asking next time, and giving them the benefit of the doubt, as women were leaving the group.  I immediately told her I had sent messages to all those sisters, asking them to please come back, and telling them that it had been a misunderstanding.  At that point something shifted.

A couple of days later, Lauren and I met face to face on Skype.  She said that while everything was going on, she realized, “Hey, she sounds like one of us!” At that point we had a beautiful conversation, and she asked me to become a moderator.  I was deeply honored.  I accepted without thinking twice.

Photo by Michael Nunes

What an amazing journey it has been.  I would never have thought that such gifts would come out of the fire; but that is exactly what happened.  I feel so deeply grateful to Lauren, all of my beloved sisters on the GS staff, and, of course, all of our amazing sisters in the Sisterhood.  Being a moderator for Global Sisterhood is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. It is such a sacred honor to encourage, love, and protect our group.  Lauren, I want to thank you again, Sister.  Your compassion, amazing heart, and keen leadership skills are much needed in this world.  Thank you for seeing me, thank you for inviting me and, above all, thank you for loving me.

Have you ever had a difficult situation transform into something beautiful? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

With Deep Gratitude,
Laura Light


  1. Weissk

    What a powerful post. Thank you for the gift that is you.

  2. Murina Marsden 1

    Yes l have passed through many conscious changes brought about mostly through actions and in a simar what to you the most transformative have occurred without any thought or plans of action on my part.Like many women l grew up in patriarchal society and suffered at the hands of male oppressors. But from infancy the “divine feminine” at the very core of my being is guiding me across the rainbow bridge to further transformation and wholeness. Thank you for helping me to shout out, in sisterhood Murina.

  3. kausariqbal

    I would love to be part of this sisterhood community and would like to do something for it actively. Need further step wise guidance.

  4. CityCircleNS

    It’s pretty apparent the Sisterhood’s got something special going on here and has for some time! I come from a family of strong women. I’d like to live up to their examples. Lord knows, I haven’t set a good one myself! I think having sisters to share with, lean on, learn from, and – hopefully – to help, is important to all women, everywhere. The ‘difficult situation’ which I think is blossoming into something beautiful is actually my entire life’s history, thanks in great part to the time, trust, love, and effort of many, many women in my life and on the periphery of it for years. Powerful people, we womenfolk, when we set our minds, hearts and intentions to it!

  5. wmothibi Mothibi

    In every storm, there is an opportunity, thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. sledge

    we learn from mistakes


    It’s transformational to be part of this family…

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