A Full Moon Release Ritual  

The moon now is full and ripe, and our theme for the next new moon is Liberation Through Forgiveness. What a beautiful time to flow into an intentional space of deep surrender and release as we forgive and let go, both individually as well as collectively as a sisterhood.

Sister, we invite you to enjoy this ritual crafted by Amy Miller (www.trueshiningself.com). May it serve you deeply and aid in your healing as you reflect on what it is you wish to release during this potent time.

Photo by Andressa Voltolini

A Full Moon Release Ritual

What you will need: pen, paper, matches, candle, two small bowls, water

If possible do this outside under the Full Moon, connecting directly with Mother Nature and the Moon’s energies.

If you cannot be outside, find a quiet place indoors.

  1. Clear your energy. Imagine standing under a silver waterfall and allow all negative and non-serving energies to be washed away.

  2. Create a sacred space. Find a quiet place to sit, declutter and clean, place crystals or other special items around you.

  3. Light the candle, fill one small bowl with water – place both in front of you, along with the other empty bowl.

  4. Take a few deep breaths, center yourself and then begin to write on the piece of paper what you wish to release from your life, what limiting beliefs you want to be free from, what no longer serves you or what you want to let go of.

  5. When you have finished your list, sign and date the page.

  6. Breathe deep into your heart and declare “I now let this go. And it is so.” Then place one corner of the piece of paper over the candle allowing the flame to light your page (throw the page into the empty bowl as it burns) watching the flames consume what you are releasing, the smoke taking your intention to the Universe. Please note: if your piece of paper struggles to light or burn, please consider if you are really ready to let this go! Only when you are willing to let go will the page burn – the faster the flames, the more willing you are to let it go.

  7. Then place your hands in the bowl of water. Signifying cleansing of the old and opening to the new.

  8. Remove your hands from the water and take a deep breath. Sit in silence for a moment. You may want to keep your candle burning for a while as you sit, allowing inspiration to spark.

    Photo by Ganapathy Kumar and cover photo by Bryan Goff

We wish you incredible beauty and healing as you follow your intuition and create a sacred space for this ritual, sister. Feel free to make it your own and to do it with all your heart.

When you are finished and have had time to integrate in whatever way feels best to you, we would love to hear about your experience. Tell us in the comments. Let us know how it goes!

With all our love,
The Global Sisterhood Team


  1. Kate Will

    A beautiful ritual to participate in and to invite.
    Freeing; a formal declaration and release of many arenas just waiting for this moment! That which no longer serves no longer lingers… my hands are free to carry on the work of ❤️ my heart. Thank you-a gift.

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